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���ߣ�����    ������Դ����վԭ��    ����ʱ�䣺2019/2/25
����1. ��ȷ���ᄈ�������������ݱ��ֵ�����ʵ�������龰���漰����ĸ������档�磺�����·����ҽ����̸�����������������ۻᡢ����ȵȡ�
����2. ���ԵĿ�����������Ȼ���ص��Ŀ�ͷ������ܱ��ֿ�ͷ��̸ʱ˵���˵IJ�ͬ�����ĸ�̾�ʣ���γ���ͣ�١��ظ���ʡ�ԡ���������Լ���ϣ��������Լ������ǽ���ʱ���е�һЩ�����ص㡣�磺��Excuse me�� can/may I���� ����It��s great seeing you here.������I mean��������Great idea������well������so������say����
����3. ƽ�׵��������̵ľ��ӽṹ������������û����Ƨ�����ٵĴʻ㣬������õļ򵥵Ĵ�����ӽṹ�򵥻������Ǽ򵥾䡣�����ֻҪƽʱע����ϰ�����ţ��������ֵ÷ֻ��Ǻ����׵ģ�
����1����ּ�����⣺Ҫ����������ε���Ҫ���ݣ��ԶԻ���һ��ȫ�����������İ��ա��������������ȷ����ʾ����������ѡ�һ������ 1-2 �������磺
����M�� Well�� I��d better be getting home now. It��s been great seeing you again.
����W�� Oh�� it was nice seeing you too.
����Q�� What are the speakers doing��
����A. Enjoying meeting each other.
����B. Saying Good Bye to each other.
����C. Planning to see each other again.
���������в�û�г��֡�Bye�� Good bye�� see you�� �����ȸ��Ĵ��ֻ���ۺ�ȫ���Ի����ݣ�����ץס����ʱ̬�Ĺؼ���it was nice seeing you too���Ż�֪�������ڸ�𡱡���ȷ�� B��
��������W�� Can I come to see you at ten�� Professor Brown��
����M�� I��m sorry�� Susan. I��m meeting my students then. Why not come half an hour later��
����Q�� when should Susan go to meet professor��
����A. At 10��00 B. At 10��30 C. At 11��00
�����ؼ������㣺Can I come to see you at ten�� ��Why not come half an hour later�� ��ȷ��B��
����3��ϸ���⣺������Ҫ������������е�ij������ϸ�ڣ�����ʱϸ����һЩ������Ϣ��һ������ 5-6 �������磺
����W�� So�� how long have you been here��
����M�� Just a couple of days actually. I��m on a big journey. You know�� I��m visiting all the places of interest here.
����Q�� What��s the man doing��
����A. He��s working in a hotel.
����B. He��s visiting a young couple
����C. He��s traveling around.
�������� I��m visiting all the places of interest here. ��ɵó���ȷ�� C��
����Last summer I went on business to the small mountain village. Just before the day I was about to return�� it rained heavily. The road was washed away. I could do nothing but telephone the boss. He said ��just enjoy your holiday there��.
����Q1.Why was ��I�� in the small village��
����A. to repair the bridge B. to have a holiday C. to work
��Q2. When can ��I�� return��
����A.The rain stopped.
����B.The road was repaired.
����C. The holiday was over.
��������ʱ��������׽���õ���Ϣ��ץ�ؼ��ʡ�����Ӧץס on business�� 1 С���ѡ C����ץס The road was washed away. ȷ�� 2 С��Ĵ�Ϊ B��
����������������ѡ�Ķ��ģ����ף��󲿷��Ǽ����ģ�ͨ��Χ�� what��who��when��where��which��why �⼸��������ƿ��⡣��ʱһ��Ҫ���о�����ץס�ؼ��ʣ��������ɴ��¡�����������
����4�������ж��⣺������Ҫ��������������β������ݵĻ����϶Զ��������Ϣ������˵���˵�����������������ۺϷ����������жϳ��Ի������׵ı�����̸���ߵ��໥��ϵ���Լ����Ǹ��Ե���ͼ���۵��̬�ȡ�һ������ 6-7 �������磺
����M�� May I help you��
����W�� Yes�� I��d like to try on some sports jackets. I prefer something like the one I��m wearing.
����Q�� Where are the two speakers��
����A. In a department store
����B. In a clothes factory
����C. On a playground.
���������ۻ�Ա�Թ˿ʹ��к������ May I help you�� ���˿͵Ļش� I��d like to try on some sports jackets. ���ƶ���λ��Ƿ����ڰٻ��̵ꡣ�� A��
�����߿�Ӣ����������ּ�ڿ��鿼������ͷӢ�����������һ�ڹ� 5 �μ�̶Ի���ÿ��һ��С�⣬¼��ֻ��һ�顣�ڶ��ڹ� 5 �ζԻ�����ף��� 15 С�⣬¼������顣����ʱ��20 �����Զ�һЩ���ܶ�����²��������ϲ��У����������Ϲ��ֽ��ţ��Ӷ�Ӱ��ˮƽ���������ӡ���ס��ֻ�б������õľ��������״̬������ȷ�����������������������ӡ�������ú÷���󿪿�ǰ������������ʱ�䣬����������⼰ѡ�ÿ�ζԻ������֮��ļ�ʮ��ʱ��ͬ��Ҫ������������������ɺ����ѡ�����Ԥ��һ���ֱ���֪ʶ��ȷ��������ص㣬ʹ���������ȷ�ķ����ѡ���ԡ��������������ֵĵ�һ�ڣ���Ϊ��ֻ��һ�顱��Ҫ����׼�����������Կ�ʼ��Ҫ�����������������ϡ���Щͬѧ�������ʱ�����ţ��Ļţ�����Ӱ�����Ĵ��⡣����������������󣬶�����Ŀ֮��������ԡ�����ȥ������һ�⡣����û��ʮ�ֵİ��գ���Ҫ���׵��޸�ԭ����ѡ�������ġ���ѡ����
�����߿�ʱһ�����ǰ 5 ���ӷַ��Ծ��ͬѧ���� 5 �����ڰ� 20 ����������ɼ�ѡ����꣬һ�㲻�����⡣���⣬����ÿ����ǰ������ʱ���ٴ��Ķ����⣬ÿ��Լ 5 ���ӡ�
������1�� ѡ������٣�һĿ��Ȼ
������1��What size is the man wearing��
����A. Size 13 B. Size 14 C. Size 15
������2�� ѡ������࣬�������
������2��Why does he also get on the same bus��
����A. Because he is going to the post office.
����B. Because he is going to the same way.
����C. Because he is going to the station.
������3�� ѡ������࣬��ʽ����
������3�� Why doesn��t he see his aunt��
����A. He is not allowed to see her.
����B. His aunt doesn��t want to see him.
����C. She is not here.
����2. �������⼰ѡ��²���⡣
������4�� Who introduce George to Jane��
����A. George��s friend B. Jane��s friend C. George himself
�������ǿ����ɡ�introduce��һ�ʲ²⵽����һ���йؽ��ܵĶԻ���ͨ�����������������һ�����ҽ��ܣ�ѡ�� C����һ�����˽��ܣ�ѡ�� A��B�������ҽ��ܳ����á�I��m��/My name is���������˽��ܲ��á�This is��������That is������ˣ�ֻҪ�����������У���������һ���ؼ��ʣ��Ϳ�������ȷ��ѡ��
������5�� W�� Is Mary fond of music��
����M�� Well�� she likes to listen to records but she��s never learned to play anything.
��Q�� What do we learn about Mary��
����A. She likes playing the piano.
����B. She is interested in listening to music.
����C. She doesn��t like music.
����ԭ���еĹؼ���Ϊ listen��never�� play ������Щ�ؼ��ʣ�����ѡ����ȷ�� B��
�������������еļ�¼ȫ�ڡ��족 �͡��ɡ����ϡ��������ԭ�Ľϳ�������������϶࣬�¼���Ϊ���ӣ����漰�������ֻ�ʱ�����Ϣ����������������Ծ�հ״���Щ�򵥼�¼����������ĸ�����������ֵȡ������ļ�¼ֻҪ�Լ��ܿ������У����ؿ����﷨�����ʵ���ȷ�����ⷽ�棬ƽʱҪ��ѵ�����ܽᾭ�顣
����1. ���⼰ѡ��������ԭ����ʽһ�¡�
������6�� M�� Great party�� isn��t it��
����W�� It certainly is. Hi�� I��m Lisa.
����M�� I��m James. Are you a friend of Roy��s��
����W�� Yes�� we both work at the bank. How do you know Roy��
����M�� We play tennis together.
����W�� What do you do��
����M�� I teach arts at a university.
����Q1�� Where does Lisa work��
����A. In a hospital. B. In a bank. C. In a university.
����������I��m Lisa���͡�We work at the bank���󼴿�ѡ�� B Ϊ��ȷ�𰸡�
����Q2�� How does James know Roy��
����A. They work in the same university.
����B. They play tennis together.
����C. They know each other in the party.
����������How do you know Roy�����͡�We play tennis together.���󼴿�ѡ����ȷ�� B��
������7�� W�� What nationality are you��
����M�� I��m from New Zealand.
����W�� Which part of New Zealand do you come from��
����M�� Wellington. It��s the capital.
����Q�� Where is the man from��
����A. England B. An island C. New Zealand
������������⡰What nationality are you�����롰Where are you from����ͬ�壬���˿ɸ��ݡ�I��m from New Zealand.��������ȷѡ�� C��
������1�� �߼�����
������8�� W�� It��s terribly hot in this small room.
����M��I agree. Would you mind raising the window a bit more��
����Q�� What does the man need��
����A. A rest. B. A bigger room. C. More air.
�������ݡ�hot������raise the window���ƶϳ� C Ϊ��ȷ�𰸡�
������2�� ������
������9�� W�� When will the film begin��
����M�� It begins at 8��55. We only have 20 minutes left. Let��s go now.
����Q�� What time is it now��
����A. It is 8��35. B. It is 8�� 05. C. It is 8��15.
��������Ҫ��8��55��ȥ��ʣ�µ� 20 ���ӣ��ó����ڵ�ʱ���� 8��35�� ������ֻҪ�ü򵥵ļӡ������˵����㼴�ɣ����������õ����������⣬�����������ؼ�Ҫע����Ŀ�ʵ���ʲô����Ҫ�뵱Ȼ������������Ĵ���
������3�� �����ܽ�
������10��M�� You have been in London for several months. How do you like the city��
����W�� The only thing is the sun never smiles. It��s always gray and unhappy.
����Q�� What does the woman seem to unlike about London��
����A.The unsmiling face.
����B.The Londoners.
����C.The weather.
����ԭ���еġ�the sun never smiles���͡�gray and unhappy�����������ˣ����Ƕ���������д������������⡣��ȷ��Ӧ�� C��
������֮������������ѡ�ĶԻ������ģ����ף�ͨ��Χ�� what��who��where��when��which��why��how��how many��much����what time �ȷ�������ƿ��⡣�����ʱһ��Ҫ���о���ץס��֮�йصĹؼ��ʣ�ѡ����ȷ��ѡ�
������Ȼ�������������⼼�ɹ�Ȼ������������Գɼ��кܴ���������������Ǿ������ء�����ˮƽ����ߣ�Ҫ�����ڼ���ѵ�����ܻ�á����Ǽ��ţ�ֻҪ������ע��ƽʱ�Ļ���ѵ������ʵ���û�������������һЩ��ѧ��������������ɣ���һ���������������е���Ӧ�֡� ����Ӣ��������ϰ��ѧ