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1. China��s soccer team will continue their dreams of 2018 World Cup after a 2-0 comfortable win over Qatar ______ March 29, 2016.
A. in    B. on    C. with    D. at
2. Parents shouldn��t do everything for us, or we won��t learn to depend on ______.
  A. them   B. us    C. themselves   D. ourselves 
3. According to the rule, children should ______ a nearby school to receive education in Nanjing.
  A. enter   B. treat          C. support   D. present
4. When I was a child, I ______ watch TV whenever I wanted to.
A. need   B. must             C. should    D. could
5. The young man couldn��t afford a new flat. ______, he bought a second-hand one.
A. Still    B. Instead      C. Otherwise         D. Moreover
6. To our surprise, our monitor picked the ______ apples of the four this morning.
A. fewer     B. less      C. fewest     D. least
7. ��Jerry, I haven��t heard from Carl for a long time. Can you tell me ______ he is recently? 
��He is busy with his driving test. You may communicate with him on the phone.
A. how          B. which             C. why          D. when
8. ��Our government has decided to ______ more hospitals and schools in Jiangbei New District of Nanjing.
��I��m very glad to hear that.
A. look up          B. set up             C. give up   D. take up
9. Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival ______ between February and March every
A. held       B. is held          C. was held      D. will be held
10. ��You should do some housework ______ you have grown up. 
��OK, dad, I will.
A. unless   B. until          C. since    D. although
11. ��Was Doctor Ma��s speech a success? 
��Yes. He caught all the listeners�� ______ with it.
A. production  B. organization  C. instruction   D. attention
12. ��Why is it so noisy on the fourth floor?
��Oh, I forgot to tell you. Many children _______ Ann��s birthday there.
A. celebrated  B. are celebrating    C. were celebrating   D. have celebrated
13. ______ viruses from spreading, we should wash our hands more often.
A. Stop   B. Stopped        C. Stopping         D. To stop
14. ��You have to believe in yourself. No one will, if you don��t.
��______. Confidence is really important.
A. I agree   B. I don��t think so  C. You��re joking  D. I��m afraid not
15. ��It��s hard for me to fall asleep at night. Could you offer me some advice?
��______. Tell me all about it and I��ll do what I can.
A. Never mind  B. No way    C. No problem   D. Forget it 
�Ķ�������ģ��Ӷ��ĺ�����������ĸ�ѡ��(A��B��C��D)�У�ѡ����������հ״������ѡ��, ���ڴ��⿨�Ͻ�����Ϳ�ڡ�
The 88th Academy Awards, once again thrilled (ʹ�˷�) people around the world,   16   the Chinese, who were excited about Leonardo DiCaprio getting the Best Actor Award.
But the yearly presentation (�佱��ʽ) also made Chinese filmmakers   17  , as no Chinese films have ever won a golden prize. The hard truth leaves people wondering   18   the nation will get a place in the famous Academy Award, as China is already the second largest film market.
The condition for our national artists is similar to that of Chinese writers and scientists       19   Mo Yan and Tu Youyou won Nobel Prizes in 2012 and 2015. Just as Chinese people are used to seeing their fellow citizens (ͬ����) taking home Nobel Prizes from Stockholm, it is time for them to see that   20   an Oscar is also achievable (��ʵ�ֵ�).
There are good reasons for the Chinese people to   21   such a bright future.
First, China is one of the fastest growing film   22   in the world. Lots of businesses from home and abroad are willing to invest here. It will   23   more talented people to get into the industry because of more and more relaxed environment for development.
The latest survey   24   Chinese cinemas took a record 6.87 billion yuan (about $1.05 billion) in ticket sales in February, with the monthly box office (Ʊ��) going past that of North America for the first time.
The achievement may be   25   in the future. It is supposed that China��s yearly box office could continue to go beyond North America in 2017.
16. A. but    B. with    C. except       D. including
17. A. happy   B. relaxed   C. impossible   D. uncomfortable
18. A. where   B. when       C. what      D. why
19. A. while   B. after    C. before       D. since
20. A. winning   B. developing   C. choosing   D. deciding
21. A. cancel    B. excuse       C. doubt    D. expect 
22. A. artists       B. markets      C. awards       D. companies
23. A. encourage  B. remain    C. insist    D. realize
24. A. showed   B. studied   C. started    D. sent
25. A. replied   B. repaired   C. required   D. repeated 
Greenwood Gazette
To Hire
A Quiet flat in Greenwood   
   2 bedrooms, large kitchen
Near shops and restaurants
��600 a month
Phone 07348 0848153
B Small 3rd-floor flat in central London
   1 bedroom
   2 minutes from the train station
   ��650 a month
   Phone 020 933 9458
C House in Hoburn from end of September
   3 bedrooms, small garden
Near the university
��1000 a month
   Phone 07122 7476933
26. If you want to hire Flat B for half a year, how much should you pay for it?  
   A.��650.   B.��3250.   C.��3900.   D.��7800.
27. Which of the following is TRUE?              
   A. Flat A is the most expensive of the three.
   B. Flat B is far away from the train station.
C. You can make phone calls to know about the information above.
D. You can hire the house in Hoburn if you want to cook in a large kitchen.
There are millions of charities in the UK. In fact, you can hardly think of any good business that doesn��t have a charity linked (��ϵ��) to it.
   The British people are so generous with charities. A lot of people are quite prepared to donate money to charities, even when they are short of money themselves. There are many reasons why people give money to charities. Sometimes it��s a personal reason, say their parents died of cancer so they give money to cancer research, or of a religious reason. Many religions (�ڽ�) encourage their followers to donate a part of their income (����) to the poor. Many religious people feel it is their duty to help others as part of their faith (����). Still, other people just give donations because they have some spare money and they think it is a good thing to do.
   Many people think it is necessary to give donations to charities because they wish to make the lives and situations of those in need better.
The British government has made it quite easy for people to give money to charity as you can pay through your payroll (���ʵ�). So when you get your salary, you automatically (�Զ���) get some money taken out and give it to charity. Some people have some money taken out to give to charities, such as Save the Children Fund, thinking it is a good way to save children around the world.
28. What does the underlined word ��it�� in Paragraph 1 mean?
   A. The UK.  B. The religion.  C. A business.   D. A charity.
29. According to Paragraph 2, the number of reasons why the British people are generous with charities is _______.
   A. two   B. three       C. four       D. five
30. The passage is mainly about ______.
   A. charities in the UK
   B. the history of the charities in the UK
   C. the generous and kind people in the UK
   D. the relationship between the British government and charities

While many women are busy with planning their bridal showers (���������), a baby shower usually comes as a complete surprise. A baby shower is a party where a pregnant (���е�) woman is ��showered�� with gifts and good wishes. A baby shower is usually given by a close female friend or a relative of the mother-to-be. Sometimes co-workers of a pregnant person will also hold a baby shower for her.
The baby shower is usually given when the mother-to-be is between 6 and 9 months pregnant. Predicting the date of a baby��s birth isn��t always exact. Sometimes a baby shower can also happen after the baby is born. A baby shower can be held in someone��s home or outside, like in a restaurant or a catering hall. Traditionally only women are invited to a baby shower. However, more and more baby showers are also including the father-to-be.
Like a bridal shower, a mother-to-be will register (�Ǽ�) a wish list of things she wants at one or several stores. This list usually includes things the mother wants for her baby like clothes, diapers and even furniture. This way friends and family members can go to the stores and buy something from the list. Registering helps make sure that there aren��t repeat items, like 30 bottles when a new mom only needed 15.
At a baby shower, people can give cards with wishes for the new baby and mom. Most of these cards also include money or gift cards to help the mom-to-be buy whatever else she needs for the baby. Sometimes there are games as well. In one game everyone guesses the date of the baby. Another game lets people taste baby food and guess the flavor.
31. The underlined word ��Predicting�� in Paragraph 2 probably means ��______��.
A. ף��   B. Ԥ��    C. ���    D. �ǵ�
32. Who was only invited to a baby shower traditionally?
   A. Men.      B. Children.   C. Women.   D. Pregnant women.
33. Why does a mother-to-be register a wish list of things?
 A. To prevent others from buying the repeat items. 
B. To remind herself to buy some items for the party. 
C. To remember to buy the necessary things for her friends. 
D. To invite friends or family members to the baby shower.
34. What can friends and family members do at a baby shower?
A. Play games.        B. Get some money and gifts. 
C. Feed the baby.      D. Register a wish list of things. 
35. According to the passage, we know that ______.
A. the baby shower only happens at home
B. the baby shower never takes place after the baby is born
C. people have baby showers instead of bridal showers now
D. people hold the baby shower to send wishes to the mother-to-be
��Please take my penny,�� said Maggie to old Dan, the fisherman, who sat on a bench repairing his nets.
Her brother Andrew drew her back, whispering, ��Maggie, he is not a beggar (��ؤ)!��
But Maggie paid no attention. ��Please take it,�� she said again. Old Dan smiled, and took it. ��Thank you, little miss,�� he said, ��It is kindly meant.��
After that, Maggie went to the beach to gather shells. She never thought how fast the hours were passing until being tired, she sat down on a rock beside a little pool. Soon she was scared by a noise near her, and Dan��s large dog Rover jumped down from a rock!
He licked her hands and made a loud noise, and then began gently to pull her coat. ��Rover wishes me to come away, I see,�� she said, and she rose from the rock and began to go home. However, that was not so easy as she had expected. She found the places she had gone down easily very difficult to climb up, and as the tide (��ˮ) had been coming in for some time. She found some of the stones wet and smooth.
What could poor Maggie do? She felt sad and cried, but the waves made a much louder noise than she could make, and perhaps she would have been drowned (����) without good wise Rover.
Rover jumped upon a big stone and raised his loud bark until even the waves could not drown it.
The fisherman had taken his nets to the top of the cliffs (����), and was laying them out in the sun when he heard the loud barking of a dog. He felt sure that it was Rover, and Rover in trouble, so, going to the edge of the cliffs, he looked over. There he saw it all��Rover barking for help, and the little child standing beside him.
��Bless her! It is the little one that was so kind-spoken to me this morning!�� he cried, and he hurried to his sons�� home.
��Quick, boys, quick!�� he said. ��Get to the boat, and row fast to the bay (����). There is a poor child there just waiting to be drowned.�� The fishermen lost no time, and soon little Maggie and Rover were rowed safely to land! Old Dan was waiting there to lift her out, and give her into her mother��s arms.
��It was the penny that did it, madam,�� he said to Mrs. Weston later. ��I saw Rover looking at her when she put the penny so kind-like into my hand��just as if he would have said, ��Rover will be your friend now, little girl.�� And I am thinking he had been looking after her all the day, for he never came near me after that.��
Some years later, Rover came to Maggie��s home with a little note, in which was written�� ��Will Maggie help Rover?��his master is dead.��
36. Which word can best describe Maggie? 
A. Funny.   B. Helpful.   C. Creative.   D. Silly.
37. Who rowed Maggie to land safely?
   A. Rover.   B. Old Dan.   C. Old Dan��s sons.  D. Andrew.
38. From the end of the story, we can guess that ______.
A. Maggie refused to be Rover��s new master
B. Rover felt sad about Mrs. Western��s death
C. Rover lived with Old Dan until his master died 
D. Maggie became Rover��s master at once after she was saved
39. What can we learn from the passage?
A. One kind act brings another.
   B. You should act and speak the same��kindly.
   C. One person��s pleasure may be another��s pain.
D. People often forget what is really important in our lives.
40. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
A. Rover and his master     B. Rover��s new friend
C. What the brave dog did     D. What Maggie��s penny did

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