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1. --- Do you know Denmark is called the happiest country in the world?
   --- But surprisingly, it is a country with ______ long, cold winter.
     A. a;  B. an C. the D. /
2. --- I hear Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar ______ Best Actor.
  --- Great! He is my hero.
     A. as B. for C. from D. with
3. --- ______ exciting it is to climb the mountains!
  ---Yes, I enjoy mountain-climbing, too.
     A. How         B. How the        C. What             D. What an
4. --- Shall we go shopping now?
  --- Sorry, I can��t. I ______ my shirts.
     A. wash        B. am washing      C. washed           D. have washed
5. --- Kate looks angry. What��s the ______ of her anger?
  --- I��m not sure. She is usually not easy to get angry.
     A. reason      B. idea             C. cause             D. problem
6. --- The public square dancing is as tasty as the sauce.
  --- I can��t agree more, ______ of them is rather natural.
   A. neither      B. none         C. each       D. every
7. --- There is too much smoke and fog these days.
  --- As a result, we looking for the new ways ______can help us prevent air pollution.
     A. that        B. what             C. who             D. /              
8. --- Wish you a pleasant journey!
  --- Thanks! I��ll give you a ring          I arrive in Paris.
     A. until       B. when        C. because       D. so
9. --- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attended the WEF meeting in Davos.
  --- In his speech, he said, "when the wind of change blows, some build walls,
while ______ build windmills(�糵)."
     A. other B. others C. another       D. the others
10. --- Some people complain that they are living a hard time.
   --- Luckily, mankind have always been able to find the courage to ______ the trouble.
     A. get into    B. get lost C. get out of   D. get off
11. --- We were told to be here before eight.                              
   --- Oh, you       . I��m sorry for not telling you that we have changed the plan.
  A. can��t       B. needn��t          C. may             D. must
12. --- What do you think of Jack��s songs?
     --- Great! I have never heard a _____ voice.
   A. better    B. best        C. worse        D. worst
13. --- I want to watch the basketball final. Do you know ______?
   --- At 3:00 p.m tomorrow.
     A. where will it take place           B. when will it take place
     C. where it will take place           D. when it will take place
14. --- What English saying can I use to encourage my friend to study hard?
   --- You may say _______.
   A. The early bird catches the worm  B. Many hands make light work
   C. Too many cooks spoil the broth  D. Don��t put all your eggs in one basket
15. --- Excuse me, could I take this seat?
   --- Sorry, _______.
   A. here you are   B. take it  C. it��s taken        D. never mind
    My parents always told me that I couldn��t dance, because it was a girl��s sport. But I never gave up my dream of becoming a dancing star. I practiced secretly, learning from books, movies and shows. However, without my parents�� support, that     16     seemed all but impossible to reach.
    One summer, my little sister Nancy was going to dance lessons. I immediately asked my parents    17    I could take her to the lessons. What a    18    chance to learn dancing!
     One afternoon, I was practicing a new dance in my room, when Nancy walked    19   .
   ��What��s the matter, Nancy?�� I stopped    20   .
   ��Nick, you are a great dancer! Can you help me?��
   ��What is it?�� I wondered.
   ��There will be a dancing performance in my school,    21    the boys think I��m slow, and none of them wants to be my partner. Can you dance with me for it?�� She looked at    22   .
   ��You can be a good dancer!�� I encouraged her. ��Let��s show those people that they have been    23    all along.��
    In the following months, we    24    every evening, hiding from my parents. I was having a fantastic time and soon Nancy improved a lot.
    Finally came the big day. I became    25     when I heard my parents would come to watch the performance. As the    26   began, I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. We moved perfectly, shining with pride. From the cheering of the crowd, I was sure we had    27  .
    My heart was beating wildly when I saw my    28    coming towards me. He put his hand on my shoulder. ��Well done, son. Though it is hard for me to admit it, you    29     looked like you belong to this stage. Go for it and make us proud.��
    I��d been waiting for this moment for so long.    30    I knew that the road ahead wasn��t going to be easy, I wouldn��t give up. I wanted nothing more in life than to dance.
16. A. dream         B. sport          C. movies           D. shows
17. A. that            B. whether       C. what              D. when
18. A. similar        B. funny          C. good             D. strange
19. A. out            B. away           C. around           D. in
20. A. reading       B. walking       C. singing           D. dancing
21. A. and           B. but             C. or                 D. so
22. A. me           B. him           C. her              D. you
23. A. sad            B. lazy           C. sorry              D. wrong
24. A. chatted       B. played         C. slept              D. practiced
25. A. shy            B. bored          C. nervous          D. angry
26. A. music         B. lesson         C. meeting          D. party
27. A. arrived        B. finished       C. succeeded       D. regretted
28. A. partner        B. father        C. mother           D. sister
29. A. really        B. recently     C. proudly         D. politely
30. A. As         B. Though      C. If             D. Unless
Good books are like wise friends. They support you to walk forward, and help you understand the world. TIME listed two best books of 2016 for teens. Have you read both of them?
Names of Books Writers Contents
This One Summer Jillian Tamaki &
Mariko Tamki, Canada Every summer, Rose goes with her parents to a lake house. It��s their relaxing time. But this summer is different. Rose��s parents keep fighting. Rose meets a local teen. But later the new friend is caught up in something bad. It��s really a summer of sadness and growing up.
Absolutely Almost Lisa Graff,
US Albie has always been an ��almost��. He��s almost good at everything. In fact, Albie has a long list of the things he��s not very good at. But when Albie meets Calista, she helps him work out all of the things he is not good at. What will happen to this ��almost�� boy?
31. How do good books influence us?
A. They can bring wise friends to us.
B. They can help us to walk upright.
C. They can bring much free time to us.     
D. They can help us understand better
32. What��s the difference for Rose this summer?
   A. She can��t meet her friend.
   B. She lost something important.
   C. Her parents keep fighting.
   D. Her friends go to a lake house.
33. Whom is the book Absolutely Almost written by?
    A. Jillian        B. Mariko.         C. Lisa.                  D. Albie.
   Who is the greatest teacher in Chinese history? Many people would think of Confucius, whose birthday was September 28. Although he lived over 2,000 years ago, people still remember and respect him for his contribution to the education today.
   Confucius lived during the Spring and Autumn Period. He had a hard childhood. His father died when he was only 3. His mother brought him up. As a child, he had to work to help his mother, but young Confucius didn��t give up studying. He visited many famous teachers and learned music, history, poetry and sports.
   Later, he became a teacher and started the first public school in Chinese history. At that time only children from noble families could go to school, but Confucius believed everyone should go to school if they wanted to learn. He had about 3,000 students in his lifetime.
   Today, people still follow Confucius�� lessons. He told us that we all have something worthy to be learned. ��When I am with three people, one of them must be better than me in some areas. I choose their good qualities and follow them.��
   He also taught us that thinking is very important in study. ��All study but no thinking makes people puzzled. All thinking but no study makes people lazy.��
   Confucius is not only a great teacher, but also a famous thinker with wise thoughts about the world and society. His most important teachings are about kindness and good manners. ��A person should be strict with himself, but be kind to others.�� he said.
34. Why do we still remember Confucius today?
    A. Because he lived a poor life in his childhood.    
   B. Because he had wise thoughts about education.
   C. Because he traveled with his students from state to state.
   D. Because he lived during the Spring and Autumn Period.
35. As a child, how did Confucius learn music, history, poetry and sports?
    A. By teaching himself at home.                  B. With the help of his mother. 
    C. By visiting many famous teachers.      D. With the help of a public school.
36. Which of the following has the closest meaning to the underlined word ��noble��?
    A. Poor.          B. Bright.         C. Wealthy.     D. Cute.
37. Which of the following is in the correct order?
    �� Confucius worked to help his mother as a child.
   �� Confucius educated about 3,000 students in his lifetime.
   �� Confucius�� father died.
   �� Confucius started the first public school in Chinese history.
   A. �ۢ٢ܢ�    B. �ڢۢܢ�        C. �٢ۢڢ�    D. �ܢۢ٢�
   For ten weeks, in a great house on the island of St Thomas, Doctor Sharp, a famous scientist, tried to teach a six-year-old dolphin to speak English, Margaret Howe, an experiment helper, would live day and night with Peter, a dolphin. And they would eat, bathe, sleep and play together from Sunday to Friday, with only Saturdays off for Margaret. She lived her 1ife in swimming clothes -- with a coat on colder evenings --- and cut her hair short so that she could get on with Peter more easily.
   After a few days, Peter was becoming more and more interested in winning her attentions. He threw a ball against her shower towel to get her to play. As time went by, he only wanted to play ball with her and not on his own.
   The problem was that, just at the time Peter and Margaret began to get on well just as two best friends, the experiment ended and the lab was closed. After a few weeks, Margaret received the sad news that Peter had killed himse1f by refusing to breathe, and sinking to the bottom of his pool.
   Dolphins may not speak English --- but, just like humans, they know all about broken hearts.
38. What is Peter?
   A. A dolphin.   B. A scientist.     C. A doctor.          D. An experiment helper.
39. How many days did Margaret work a week during the experiment?
   A. Four          B. Five.             C. Six.             D. Seven.
40. Which of the following is true?
   A. Margaret didn't leave the lab.                
   B. The lab was closed and the dolphin died.
   C. The dolphin could speak English at last.         
   D. Dr Sharp was satisfied with the experiment.
41. From this passage, what can we infer(�ƶ�)?
   A. Dolphins aren't worth studying.                          
   B. Margaret didn��t like the dolphin.
   C. Dolphins may have feelings just like humans.       
   D. Margaret had short hair during the experiment.
    When you��re not at home, many worries may start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I lock the door? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television? With a smart home, you can quiet all of these worries.
    A smart home is a home with a communication network. This network connects devices(װ��), such as lights and TV sets, and allows them to be controlled from far away through electrical wiring, mobile phone communication or WiFi over the Internet.
   More and more people may start to consider owning a smart home, because it makes life much more convenient. It can help keep your room at a certain temperature. It can record what happens inside the home and send the video to your phone. When you are on vacation abroad, you can use a smart home controller to switch on or off the electricity when necessary. Some smart homes can receive a visitor, allowing him to come in and offering him a drink. They can even feed the cat and water the plants.
   Besides, smart homes are easy to fix. Most smart home technology and devices are wireless and can be set up with a minimum of tools, using only the guiding information. When a problem appears, you can deal with it yourself without paying a professional.
   However, for home-users, the smart home technology is far from perfect. It can be rather expensive to own the technology and the devices. Also, because the smart home system allow its owner to get home information from anywhere, it leaves the home easy to be attacked by hackers, who may secretly use or change the information in the system.
   Now, many scientists are excited at the future of smart home technology. Imagine being able to get fashion advice from your mirror, or receive food shopping suggestions from your refrigerator. While there are others who worry that those smart devices will make people lazier and lonelier. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure---smart home technology will change the way we live and work.
42. According to the passage, what can a smart home lock the door through?
   A. Electric lights.                      B. Mirror technologies.
   C. Mobile phones.                      D. Shopping programs.
43. What is the third paragraph of the passage mainly about?
   A. The steps to use smart systems.
   B. The prices of smart programs.
   C. The advantages of a smart home.
   D. The tools for setting up smart devices.
44. Which of the following is TRUE about a smart home?
   A. Smart homes can��t help feed pets nowadays.
   B. Smart homes costs a lot of money at present.
   C. You can��t control your smart home i n other countries.
   D. It��s hard for hackers to get information from smart homes.
45. What��s the writer��s opinion according to the passage?
   A. People will become less happy in the future.
   B. People��s life style will be different in the future.
   C. Mobile phones are the most important in smart homes.
   D. Smart homes are much better than other smart systems.         
46. Danny Bowman is crazy about taking photos of    ��    . (���Լ�)
47.      ��    fireworks lighted up Shanghai Disneyland on March 29, 2016. (�״�)
48. Any person who does something    ��   the law will be put into prison.��Υ����
49. Yangzhou Taizhou Airport has changed its name into Yangzhou Taizhou    ��    Airport.       (���ʵ�)
50. Forbes thinks Tsinghua University is one of the     ��    most beautiful college campuses.������ģ�
51. After a white winter, spring turns trees green and flowers     ��   . (colour)
52. It��s spring now. The students prefer going out to    ��      at home. (stay)
53.     ��    , more and more people have realized the importance of protecting the environment.(hopeful)
54. Do you know the     ��    , who sent the sick woman to hospital? (true)
55. Four     ��     of the world��s telephone calls are made in English. (five)

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