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����The older I get ��I��m 53�� the more I realize that life often moves at a slower pace than I��d like. This runs contrary to the view today that life is moving faster than the speed of light�� that we��re all running around so quickly that we don��t have the time to think. Yes�� we have picked up the pace due to technology�� but there still exists a time frame that sometimes runs as slowly as snails.

����Furthermore�� I have learned that rushing things can often be a form of suicide. If we try to speed up the natural pace of existence�� it can be harmful.
����Lately�� I��ve noticed the importance of waiting patiently in three areas. Let��s look at them below.
����Waiting out people to respond to you.

����I learned the importance of this kind of waiting when I was dating my future husband. Stephen was a shy�� cautious1 young man. I fell in love with him at first sight�� and I really wanted to call him and move the relationship forward. Stephen wasn��t calling me�� and I so wanted to communicate with him. But I knew if I was too pushy2�� he might be turned off.
����In a kind of ��love promise���� I purchased a tea set for him�� which included a tea cup�� honey sticks and a box of peppermint3 tea. I loved tea�� and I wanted to share this delicious drink with him. While I was ordering the set through the mail�� I prayed a silent prayer�� ��Dear Lord�� I am purchasing this tea set with the hopes that one day soon Stephen and I can sit down and share a wonderful cup of tea and get to know each other.��


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