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The Midnight Gang

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The Midnight Gang

Welcome to the Midnight Gang! Midnight is the time when all children are fast asleep, except of course for�� the Midnight Gang. That is when their adventures are just beginning��

When Tom gets hit on the head by a cricket ball, he finds himself at Lord Funt Hospital, and is greeted by a terrifying-looking porter. Things go from bad to worse when he meets the wicked matron in charge of the children��s ward�� But Tom is about to embark on the most thrilling journey of a lifetime!

The Midnight Gang tells an extraordinarily heartwarming and, of course, funny story of five children on a hospital ward �C and on a quest for adventure! It is a story of friendship and magic �C and of making dreams come true. Readers are set to be utterly spellbound by this heartfelt story that will bring magic to everyone��s Christmas.


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