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Mascots are great ambassadors for sporting events. You may remember the five cute ��Fuwa�� dolls from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now, get ready to meet two new mascots.

On Sept 17, a giant panda with a white helmet named ��Bing Dwen Dwen��, and a red lantern baby called ��Shuey Rhon Rhon��, were unveiled as the two mascots for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

According to Xinhua News Agency, these two mascots strongly show Chinese culture.



The giant panda is regarded as a Chinese national treasure, and the red lantern is an important element of Chinese New Year celebrations. Meanwhile, the panda��s helmet represents modern society and its white color is indicative of the snow and ice of winter sports.

��The two mascots combine elements of traditional Chinese culture and a modern international style, as well as emphasizing the characteristics of ice and snow sports,�� Beijing 2022 Games executive president Chen Jining told Xinhua.

If the images of these mascots show Chinese characteristics, their names express Chinese people��s understanding of the Olympic spirit.

��Bing�� and ��Shuey�� are equivalent to ��ice�� and ��snow�� in English. ��Dwen Dwen�� means ��robust, lively�� and ��Rhon Rhon�� has the dual meanings of ��tolerance�� and ��integration��.

��They are designed to express ... the Olympic spirit, encompassing traits such as passion, perseverance, friendship and mutual understanding, to actively engage the public,�� Chen told Xinhua.




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