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I chanced to rise very early one particular morning this summer, and took
a walk into the country to divert myself among the fields and meadows,
while the green was new, and the flowers in their bloom. As at this season
of the year every lane is a beautiful walk, and every hedge full of
nosegays, I lost myself, with a great deal of pleasure, among several
thickets and bushes that were filled with a great variety of birds, and an
agreeable confusion of notes, which formed the pleasantest scene in the
world to one who had passed a whole winter in noise and smoke. The
freshness of the dews that lay upon everything about me, with the cool
breath of the morning, which inspired the birds with so many delightful
instincts, created in me the same kind of animal pleasure, and made my
heart overflow with such secret emotions of joy and satisfaction as are not
to be described or accounted for. ��
��Joseph Addison, Tulips ��
divert : to entertain by distracting the attention from worrisome thoughts or cares; amuse ��Dz��
meadow : �ݵء�
hedge : ���顡
nosegay : ������
thicket : ��ľ�ԡ�
animal pleasure�� ���
instinct : ���ܡ�
overflow : to have a boundless supply and to be filled beyond capacity �����������
Joseph Addison ��������J. (1672��l 719)��Ӣ��������Һ�ʫ�ˡ����������ؿ������Ͷ���
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