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Ӣ��С˵��ҽ����������Ӣ��ԭ��19-The Story of Dr.Dolittle(��ҽ������) ���ݼ��

Dr Dolittle is a country doctor who loves animals In face he fills his house with so many of them that his human patients�� don't want to visit hin any more, But he isn't bohtered, because he prefers anlmaIs to people and, with the help of his pet parrot polynesia,he has been learning how to talk to animals

One day ,he gets a mysterious call telling him to come to Africa to save a pack of monkeys fron a strange sickness .When he gets there he learns many new animal Ianguages and makes loads of two-and four-leggIed friends(plus a few with no legs at all) But what is the real reason he Was called to Africa?

Funny and thought-provoking ,this tale have everyone trying to talk to their pets.

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